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Savory's renowned saltine seasoning is a result of our team's passion and dedication. Starting with a family recipe and incorporating new elements, we perfected the ultimate flavor for party crackers—super 'savory' with a delightful kick, living up to the name.

Originally featured in our Café M Bloomers, the demand for a home version led us to package the seasoning for easy use. These flavorful crackers quickly gained popularity—No Bake, Simple to Make! Transforming ordinary crackers into extraordinary party treats, they're available in 10 flavors and convenient Ready-Make Kits.

Our latest addition is Savory's lineup of three delectable Dip Mixes. Effortless to prepare with no cooking required, they offer another opportunity to shine as the Rockstar of any event.

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  • Savory Fine Foods Savory Saltine Classic Original Kit

    Savory Saltine Classic Original Kit

    Introducing the Savory Saltine Classic Original Kit, a complete package that transforms plain saltine crackers into a savory and addictive snack experience!Our Savory Saltine Classic Original...
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