Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Our Online Store

How can I tell if an item ships free?

Right in the product description there will be information about whether the item will qualify for free shipping. Next to the product photo are statistics about the product's weight and barcode, you will see:Eligible For Free Shipping: YesThis indicates that if your order meets the required set amount to get free shipping, this item will ship free. In some cases the item will always ship free, and will sayFree First Class Shipping: Yes

Do you take returns?

You may return most new, unopened items within 30 days of delivery for a full refund. We pay the return shipping costs if the return is a result of our error (you received an incorrect or defective item, etc.) Please double check that you are ordering the correct flavor/color/size. Most items are eligible for exchange, but The Nut House can not be responsible for return shipping when the customer orders in error. View the full return policy here!

I want to add on to my order.

If your order has not already shipped we can cancel it and create a new order with the extra items added on to it. If the order has already shipped, you must create a new, separate order. If you have more than one order shipping to the same address and we notice before the items ship, we will contact you to see if you would like to combine shipping. In many of these cases we can save you some money by reimbursing some or all of the additional shipping costs.

Can I ship to multiple addresses? 

Yes! Multiple-address orders must individually meet minimum purchase requirements for each address to qualify for Free Standard Shipping.

Do you ship overseas? 

We ship to areas which have addresses that can be verified by our shipping software, which usually includes most of Europe, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and the US territories and military posts. If you try to place an order to ship and it cannot be verified adequately, we will first try to contact you for clarification (perhaps send to a different address), otherwise we must cancel. Please be aware that customs and import regulations vary by country. It's essential to provide accurate and complete recipient information to help avoid delays and ensure successful delivery. Any customs duties, taxes, or fees imposed by the recipient's country are the responsibility of the recipient.

Why didn't I get free shipping? 

When retailers provide free shipping, they typically either increase the product prices to absorb shipping expenses or directly charge customers for shipping to maintain overall costs. 


We don't profit from shipping fees. Customers deserve transparency on shipping costs for informed choices between online convenience and in-person pickup. We try to offer shipping discounts on orders above a certain amount to alleviate costs for customers. Click here to learn the hows whats and whys of our free shipping
Questions About Products

Are your products gluten free?

Our fudge is gluten free, unless it contains candy or cookies which contain gluten themselves. Some prepackaged items are gluten-free, and will state in the product descriptions. If you have concerns abut a specific product, please reach out to us by phone or email and we will research it for you. 

Where do you get your nuts?

Our pecans are sourced from our local groves on site and in neighboring Oklahoma counties. Walnuts typically come from Missouri, California, or Oklahoma. We do our best  to source the freshest nuts as close as possible to us, but in some cases (such as Brazil nuts)  we must rely on overseas growers.

How long are my nuts good for?

Nuts, in general, have a long shelf life when stored properly.

Here's a general guideline for the shelf life of nuts:


Room Temperature Storage (Pantry):

  • Unshelled nuts: Up to 6 months to a year.
  • Shelled nuts: Up to 3 to 6 months.

Refrigerated Storage:

  • Unshelled nuts: Up to 1 to 2 years.
  • Shelled nuts: Up to 6 to 9 months.

Freezer Storage:

  • Unshelled nuts: Up to 2 to 3 years.
  • Shelled nuts: Up to 1 year.

Nuts contain oils that can go rancid over time due to exposure to air, light, and heat. Refrigeration and freezing can slow down this process and extend the shelf life, particularly for shelled nuts. However, refrigeration is not always necessary for nuts if you plan to consume them within a few months. Just make sure to store them in a cool, dark place in airtight containers to preserve their freshness. 

About food expiration dates...

  1. Best By Date: Consumers can often safely consume products past their "best by" dates if they've been stored properly and show no signs of spoilage. These dates are not necessarily hard and fast indicators of when a product becomes unsafe to eat. Rather, they reflect the manufacturer's estimation of peak quality.

  2. Use By Date: This date is more focused on safety. It indicates the date by which the manufacturer recommends using the product for safety reasons. Consuming or using the item after the "use by" date might pose a risk to your health, as the product could potentially have deteriorated or grown harmful bacteria. 

  3. In summary, "best by" dates relate to quality, while "use by" dates relate to safety. It's important to follow "use by" dates for perishable items, but you can often use products after their "best by" dates as long as they appear and smell fine. Always use your judgment and consider the specific product type when deciding whether to consume or use items past their indicated dates.

Where do you ship from?

We ship from Claremore, Oklahoma. Unlike some other online retailers, we do not have large storage warehouses located throughout the states. For this reason we recommend using your best judgement when ordering items that need refrigeration in the summer, as it gets very hot here. 

Allergy Concerns:

Despite our best efforts to prevent this, items packaged in our store under the Nut House label might contain very trace amounts of allergens such as milk, wheat, soy, peanuts, and tree nuts. Retail grocery items packaged in other facilities will have different allergy concerns. To find out more about a specific product, please contact us. 
Questions About Our Brick-And-Mortar Store

Will you buy my nuts?

We prioritize sourcing nuts exclusively from dedicated and professional agricultural operations. This commitment to quality, consistency, and safety means that we refrain from purchasing nuts from individuals with backyard nut trees. This stringent approach guarantees the excellence of our products.

Will you crack my nuts?

Because we only have a single cracking machine, it must stay clean for our own use. This machine is dedicated to cracking nuts that we sell to all our Nut House customers. Using it for backyard nuts could potentially lead to contamination and compromise the quality of nuts sold to everyone. Since we can't monitor or safeguard the cleanliness of nuts from an external source, we find it is best to not take a chance.

Why are there shells in the cracked nuts?

Currently, we do not possess a machine for removing nut shells. Our whole papershell pecans are available for purchase in two options: whole (uncracked) by the pound or cracked by the pound. Both selections are carefully weighed. In the case of cracked pecans, they are initially weighed, then processed through a cracker which deposits them into their final package. Please note that these cracked pecans will include shells and shell fragments, as the overall weight of the pecans remains intact within the bag. It costs a little more for the convenience and labor required for cracking. Some retailers offer pecans that have been cracked and undergone a blowing process, which removes the larger pieces of shell. Regardless of your choice, it's likely that you'll need to separate the membrane between the two halves of the pecans before consumption. 

Please note that if ordering pecan halves, these will have been carefully processed to remove all shells possible and are ready to eat and use directly out of the package.

Do you sell items on commission?

We do not sell booth space or accept items to be sold on commission. When buying locally crafted products that appeal to our customers, our principle is to buy outright rather than on consignment. While we value diverse, quality goods, we avoid purchasing items made in home kitchens for resale. This policy ensures our commitment to quality, safety, and transparency. We aim to collaborate with artisans and provide a great customer experience. 

Do you sell wholesale?

Currently, our production capacity doesn't align with the demands of wholesale operations, which entail substantial volumes and cost-efficient labor. However, we do offer quantity discounts for bulk purchases of whole pecans and occasionally pecan halves (orders exceeding 30 pounds to a single destination). For larger quantities of homemade items, such as fudge, we can accommodate orders, yet we kindly request a week advanced notice for quantities surpassing 20 pounds (80 pieces) of a single flavor.

Can I pick pecans on the property?

Customers are welcome to collect nuts that have fallen on our property during the autumn and winter seasons. Upon weighing the gathered nuts, we will retain half as per our policy. Please note that we do not have ownership of the neighboring groves and thus cannot provide access for nut picking in those areas. We appreciate your understanding.

Are You a franchise/ affiliated with Nut House in (other state)?

Nuts are so popular, it's no surprise that there are other companies called "Nut House" across the US. We are a standalone business, not related to any of the other retail stores with the same or similar name. 

Do you sell pecan shells only?

As we do not blow the shells and collect them, the only shells we have available to purchase are included with the cracked pecans. 

Where is your factory/Where are you located?

Situated along the iconic Route 66 in Claremore, Oklahoma, we would like to clarify that we do not operate as a traditional factory. A significant amount of our products are made fresh and in small batches on demand. Our Nut House brand jellies, peaches, and sauces are bottled offsite while adhering to Amish standards for natural freshness and flavor. We do not maintain large warehouses of product across the country, and ship directly from our store in the central USA (Oklahoma).

Do you allow hunting in the pecan grove?

The orchard located to the East and South of The Nut House is under separate ownership. However, we do possess several acres of trees within our property, and these are protected from deer thanks to fencing. The expansive groves in question are overseen by an independent ranch that handles their management. Given their proximity to housing communities, nearby retail spaces, and a school, hunting activities are prohibited in this area. Instead, we warmly invite you to take a leisurely drive along the back road through the grove during sunset. This provides a wonderful opportunity to observe the deer families that occasionally graze there and to capture their beauty safely through the lens of your camera.

When is pecan season?

Pecan season typically occurs from late September to December, with the peak harvest time usually falling between October and November. The exact timing can vary based on climate conditions. Nut harvests vary in size due to favorable weather in the spring which can affect pollination.  The freshness or quality of pecans are more effected by proper storage  than timing of harvest. It is certainly posible to get newly harvested pecans which taste less flavorsome than a previous harvest properly stored in the right conditions. 

What is that booming noise in the fall?

Nut growers use bird cannons in the fall to deter birds from feeding on and damaging the nut crops. These cannons produce loud noises that scare away birds, helping to protect the harvest. While they may cause temporary inconvenience due to the noise, their usage is essential to safeguarding the nut yield and ensuring a successful harvest. We at the Nut House have no control over the usage or timing of the cannons. 

Do you have a veteran's discount?

We deeply value the service and sacrifice of our veterans, active duty personnel, and first responders. To express our gratitude and support, we are proud to offer a 10% in-store discount on eligible purchases to those who have dedicated their lives to serving our community and country.
Questions About Your Account

I forgot my password- help!

If you have forgotten your password, navigate to the 'Sign In & Register' page where you would log in normally.  Click on the button that says 'Forgot your password?'  It will prompt you to enter your email address, and after doing so, you will receive an email shortly afterwards that will allow you to create a new password. If you are trying to checkout and realize you need to sign in but can't recall your password, there is an option to email yourself a sign in link. Clicking this link takes you directly to the page to enter shipping information so you can proceed through the checkout process, allowing you to change your password later.

Do you sell my personal information?

We only use the information provided to us in order to contact you regarding an order. Occasionally if you have signed up for emails, we send promotions, coupons and new product notices. We never sell or share your information with anyone.

How do I get a coupon?

We take pleasure in keeping you informed about our frequent promotions and active coupons. To ensure you don't miss out on these special opportunities, we'll be sure to notify you through email and occasionally social media posts. As a gesture of appreciation, when you sign up for our email updates, you'll receive a personalized coupon code that grants you a 10% discount on your entire order. It's important to note that, regrettably, we have had to discontinue our previous first-time buyer coupons due to the presence of excessive spambot activity. We value your trust and are dedicated to providing you with the best service possible.

I entered my shipping/billing address incorrectly, how to fix it?

Contact us and provide the correct address.  We are capable of fixing this mistake if your order hasn't been shipped yet, so it is important that you let us know as soon as possible.

What methods of payment do you take?

We accept Paypal and Paypal's Pay Later option; Amazon Pay, Google Pay, and Venmo.  Shortcut buttons will appear on the screen for these methods of payment. If purchasing with a regular credit card, use the red "Proceed to Checkout" button which will take you to the page where you enter your billing and shipping information. There are options to bill to and ship to the same or different addresses. Make sure your billing information address is the same one used for the credit card. We do not save your credit card information, so if you need to reorder this way you will need to re-enter it.

I want to order on the phone

To ensure the security of your sensitive information, we have a policy in place that prevents us from accepting phone orders that involve sharing credit card details over the phone. However, we are more than happy to assist you in creating an online order. Once your order is ready, we will generate an invoice and send it to you for payment. Rest assured, the process will require you to input your credit card information securely online, where our payment system maintains a high level of encryption. Your security is paramount to us, and we are here to guide you through a safe and convenient ordering experience.