Elliott Pecan Halves – Raw 1 lb

Fresh Elliot Pecan halves.  Sweet and meaty nuts.


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Chocolate Toffee Pretzels – 8 oz.

Salty pretzels with Chocolate Toffe coating, an excellent combination.



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Chocolate Amaretto Pecans – 12 oz.

Chocolate Pecans with a wonderful cherry almond flavor make these pecans irresistible!


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Pecan Pieces – 1 lb

Pecan pieces are great for cooking or try them on top of your breakfast cereal.


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Pecan Pieces – 3 lbs

Pecan pieces are a great convenience when cooking.  Also good to top  cereal and ice cream.


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Elliott Pecan Halves – 5 lbs

Elliott Pecans are sweet and meaty.  Great to eat raw or use in food preperation.


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