Nut House Homemade Fudge

Nut House Homemade fudge comes in over 50 flavors!

How We Make Fudge

For the last 25 years our Fudge Maker's Goal has been to craft fudge masterpieces that transcend the ordinary. With pride in every batch, we infuse each creation with artistic merit and culinary creativity. We hope to delight taste buds by offering a fudge experience that is both indulgent and awe-inspiring!
A squirrel holding a bag of pecans

1. Ingredients

We use the freshest, finest ingredients, including real butter, cream, and Nut House Pecans. Unless it contains cookies, our fudge is Gluten Free. 

2. Kettle Made

One kettle at a time in the Nut House. Each kettle yields up to 6 pans of fudge, ready for custom mixing or layering.
Watch A Kettle Being Made
A large pile of various flavors of homemade fudge
A squirrel holding a chocolate covered spoon

3. Mix, Swirl & Pour

Our unique flavors are made by mixing or layering kettle fudge with fresh and dried fruits, nuts, caramel, candy and other ingredients

4. Dry, Cut & Wrap

Fudge must set for at least a day before it can be firm enough to be cut into individual pieces and wrapped for packing.

Classic Favorites

Nut-Free Favorites

Spring Flavors

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