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Magnetic Poetry

Parent Magnetic Poetry Kit

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Magnetic Poetry Parent Magnetic Poetry Kit
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We've all heard them and some of us have used them-they're the time-tested phrases parents use when they try and make those darn kids behave! And the magnetic poetry mixed up parent kit takes those phrases and puts them in a blender so that a scolding parent never sounded so funny. Whether you're trying to talk some sense into a teenager or just get junior to eat his vegetables, you'll find the familiar phrases in this kit.

This box contains over 200 magnetized words and word fragments... install them on a fridge, file cabinet, locker door, cookie sheet or any other steel surface, and watch the poetry emerge as you arrange them! Guaranteed to produce evocative work... big fun at parties! A real creativity, imagination, and language building tool as well.

Kit contains over 200 parent themed magnetic word tiles.
Tile height is .375"
Package size is 4.75w x 3h x 1.25"d.