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Aid Through Trade

About the Company

While serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Nepal in the late '80s, Damian Jones found inspiration in the skilled artisans of the Kathmandu Valley and developed a fascination with the use of glass beads in Nepalese culture. Damian extensively visited various artisans and artisan groups across Nepal, observing the creation of unique jewelry designs. Throughout these experiences, Damian noted a consistent and transformative element across all villages: the significant positive impact on women's lives when they had a source of income.


Upon returning to the United States, Damian envisioned a fair and dignified approach to working with artisans as a means to enhance their lives. Recognizing the necessity of adapting to the global marketplace, Damian emphasized the importance of continuous design and re-design. After multiple journeys back to Nepal, Damian turned his vision into reality in 1993 by establishing Aid Through Trade, a fashion design company with ethical principles. It was through this venture that he introduced the world to The Original Roll-On® Bracelet. 


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  • Aid Through Trade Roll On Bracelet

    Roll On Bracelet

    Pretty beaded bracelets are easy to roll on and off with no difficult clasps to tangle or catch on clothing. Handmade in Nepal, each is slightly different. Sold individually, please choose a color...
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