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Magnetic Poetry

Story Maker 2 Magnetic Poetry Kit

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Magnetic Poetry Story Maker 2 Magnetic Poetry Kit
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The Magnetic Poetry Story Maker Kit is a colorful collection of over 150 magnetized words and phrase fragments that make creating a story fun and easy. Blue tiles are nouns, red tiles are verbs, yellow tiles are prepositions and green tiles are extra stuff. Break the magnet sheets into separate tiles and play with them on any steel surface. Builds imagination, creativity and reading skills! This kit stands alone or combine it with Magnetic Poetry's original StoryMaker for even more fun!

This box contains over 150 magnetized words and word fragments... install them on a fridge, file cabinet, locker door, cookie sheet or any other steel surface, and watch the poetry emerge as you arrange them! Guaranteed to produce evocative work... big fun at parties! A real creativity, imagination, and language building tool as well.

For ages 5 and up.

Kit contains over 200 space themed magnetic word tiles.
Tile height is .375"
Package size is 4.75w x 3h x 1.25"d.


Package size is 4.5w x 6.5h x .875"d.