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Nut House Peach Jalapeno Jam 18 oz

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The Nut House Nut House Peach Jalapeno Jam 18 oz
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Nut House Peach Jalapeno Jam is a delicious and unique jam that combines the sweetness of ripe peaches with the spicy kick of jalapenos. The peaches used in our jam are carefully selected for their sweetness and juiciness, while the jalapenos add a delightful heat that is sure to please any spicy food lover.

Our Peach Jalapeno Jam has a beautiful golden color and a slightly chunky texture, with small pieces of peaches and jalapenos in every spoonful. It is the perfect accompaniment to cheese boards, crackers, and bread, and makes an excellent glaze for grilled meats or a dip for chicken nuggets.

Experience the perfect balance of sweetness and heat with Nut House Peach Jalapeno Jam!