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We do custom pecan cracking.



We ship Monday through Friday.  We ship via USPS and FedEx

Please note: In order to insure a fresh delicious product, we ship Fudge and Candy during October through March.

Nutritional Information

90% of the fats in pecans are unsaturated (about 60% monounsaturated and 30% polyunsaturated) A serving of pecans (30mg) provides about 25% more oleic acid than a serving of olive oil (one tablespoon)

Cholesterol Free - Sodium Free - Fiber Rich Valuable plant protein source, more than 19 vitamins and minerals.  Excellent source of gamma tocopherol (an important type of vitamin E).  Concentrated amounts of natural plan sterols, touted for their cholesterol lowering ability - a variety of phytochemicals. Nuts are recommended by the American Heart Association  and US Dietary Guidelines as a desirable source of  heart-healthy unsaturated fat.


Pecans should be protected from moisture, light, heat and oxygen to preserve freshness. Storing in shell pecans in a cool dry place will preserve freshness for several months.  In shell or shelled pecans can be stored under refrigeration for about nine months, or froze at 0 degrees F for up to 2 years.  Pecans can be thawed and refrozen repeatedly without loss of flavor or texture.

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